The Carter Way

We believe that brand isn’t a tone or a voice, it’s how companies should do business and how our customers know them. Brand should inform almost everything we do. From purpose to product strategy and all the way down to how people do their jobs...because when we get that right, customers notice and it means something.

We were founded on a set of beliefs that lay the foundation for our perspective, our way of working, and our culture.


We believe that a company’s Brand extends beyond its marketing arms and is supported by how a business is run, right down to how its people do their jobs.


We believe in the power of a human-centered approach to organizational design, process and change management to transform brands from the inside out.


We believe that when design, data and rapid prototyping are applied together, businesses can meet challenges with speed and certainty, like nobody else.


We understand that in these times, companies can lose sight of their purpose and that one role of a trusted partner can be to continuously help them follow their north star.


We believe that looking beyond immediate shareholder value, the best companies want to do the right things for customers, employees and communities. 

Bringing business and brand to life through our operating model.

Creating a culture that's a mix of design thinking and business acumen is more complicated than you would think. It's not familiar. Once we were able to realize that we need two seperate teams that work closely together and are unified by a human-centered methodology, we were able to accomplish great things for brands like Biogen, Panera, Dunkin', Keurig, and more.

Our Clients & Work

CE+Co Experience Design

Brand Systems
Creative Services
UX & Strategy
Experience Design


CE+Co Business Systems

Systems Design
Operational Effectiveness
Service & Ecosystem Mapping
Program Management

We’re all unified by our human-centered methodology

We're always changing and adapting to new ways of working with our clients

Small, senior teams can work much faster and better than large agency teams

Almost all us at CE+Co came from larger agencies and we saw the problems first-hand. With CE+Co, you'll never have 14-person phone calls and layers of account management.

We're leaving the big reveals and egos behind

Enabled by today's best design and collaboration tools, we work closely with our clients every single day. No more disappearing for weeks or highly-orchestrated theater, we show work in progress consistently so we can all move faster with more confidence.

Smart and easy to work with

We're hoping that the culmination of all our core beliefs, values, and operating principles creates a company that people just want to work with and work for. Our jobs will always be difficult and there will always be a lot on the line, but we'll overcome obstacles together and do it with composure and warmth.

Head in the clouds and feet on the ground

Our roots in design and business helps us lay a foundation based in rigor and sound business practices, while also rising above the day-to-day clutter to keep an eye on the big picture. The result is an approach that helps us win the hearts and minds of both customers and project stakeholders.

CE+Co Leadership

Profile Pic: Steffan Antonas
Steffan Antonas

Head of Business Systems

Profile Pic: James Cho
James Cho

Head of Design

Profile Pic: Ryan Mulloy
Ryan Mulloy

Head of Experience Strategy