Our Client-Partners

We believe in helping our clients through meaningful change and often times that extends beyond a single project. We’re working tirelessly with our client-partners over the course of years to deliver on larger objectives that make a real difference for their business.

Dunkin' Brands

Loyalty / Commerce

We're helping bring New England’s most iconic brand to lifted

Branded Product

Rebranding the Dunkin’ ordering app

Dunkin' is one of New England's most iconic brands. So when they rebranded in the summer of 2018, we needed to rethink the mobile experience and make sure it created a commerce experience that lifted the new brand.

Retained Team

UX, Design, and Program Management

Internally we always say that our favorite part about working with Dunkin' isn't the great work or free donuts–but rather, how we work across teams in new ways to create something special.

Systems Project

Prototyping Employee Systems

We got behind the counter and worked with the Dunkin' systems team to help simplify the management portal and speed up service.

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Yep, they're high-fiving donuts
Rebranding the Dunkin' commerce experience
A closer look at localization
Strategy and experience assessment in the QSR space
Ideating on the next generation of loyalty
How might we make the loyalty experience feel personal?
The Dunkin' Design System
In-cafe testing was a frequent activity
Defining a new way of working


Pharma / Digital Excellence

We’re bringing human-centered design to big pharma

Standing up Biogen’s Usability Program

Part playbook and part execution, we helped stand up the usability testing practice for their digital excellence team.

Design the Omnichannel Center of Excellence

We're designing and building Biogen's central AEM repository for organizational learning, partner resources, and omnichannel best practices.

BiogenOptions.com: Insights-Driven Redesign

We worked across insights and analytics to create a new experience that helped patients better understand their options for Biogen treatment, financial assistance, and support.

Designing the Global Component System

We partnered with Biogen's IT team to create a global design and AEM component system. This helped speed up the build process, apply global best practices, and create a more consistent brand experience.

Defining Biogen's ADA Guidelines

Managing to ADA guidelines is becoming more and more complex. We partnered with Biogen's legal team to document how Biogen will manage compliance.

UX, Design, and Program Management

We worked with Biogen on a multi-year parntnership to help bring UX and best practices deeper inside the organization so we could raise the waters for digital marketing efforts.

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Redesigning BiogenOptions.com
Design and build of Biogen's digital excellence center
Redesigning Spinraza.com
Concept exploration for BiogenSymposia.com
Designing Biogen's global destination for symposia insights
Publishing digital best practices within Biogen
Better documentation for easier development hand-offs


Commerce / B2B / Brand Experience

We're building a premium product experience from the inside out

eCommerce Vision

Defining the Future of their B2B Business

Sometimes we need to know where we're going before taking a first step. That's where we came in. We helped create a vision of Keurig's Commercial experience to guide the way for years to come.


Designing the Connected Service Platform

We're helping Keurig's commercial field team and distributors create a platform to manage the installation, cleaning, and maintenance for dozens–sometimes hundreds–of brewers in a given area.


Piloting Premium Brand Collections

Why buy from Keurig when I could buy from Amazon? That's the question we needed to answer. Our result was an ownable Keurig experience that tied the product family together.

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Collection Concept
B2B Delivery Experience
Ideating on the Keurig Cafe concept
Variations of commerce headers
Concepting the Away-From-Home Experience Away-From-Home B2B Experience
B2B Service Blueprint
Office Collections
Office Collections

Panera Bread

Loyalty / Commerce

We’re getting behind the counter with Panera to bring their clean eating mission to life

Designing the future of the largest restaurant loyalty program in the country

We worked across an integrated team to design a MyPanera experience that combined a digital-led approach with a tone and brand that feels uniquely Panera.

Designing the Delivery Experience

From dispatching to live order tracking–we got behind the counter with the cafe operations team to design and launch Panera's new delivery experience.

Piloting Panera@Work

We pride ourselves on new ways of working and Panera@Work was no exception. In a matter of weeks, we were able to design an ordering experience that brought Panera to the workplace.

Powering Panera’s Mobile Design System

We partnered with Panera's design team to create a component system that significantly sped up design, development, and prototyping efforts.

Prototyping for the next-gen cafe system

We helped create a better cafe and order management system to help cafe managers spend less time at the workstation and more time on the floor helping customers.

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Redesign the loyalty brand
Setting the illustration style for myPanera Integrating the employee experience
The CE+Co team is excited to be part of the Panera family