Our Work in Commerce & Loyalty

We have a belief that brands start, end, and continue with emotion. It's what drives us to use, behave, remember – and what makes us undeniably human. It drives how we relate to businesses, their stories, and how we come to trust them.

We believe in understanding the needs of a customer ahead of any product or service that we create. Providing a human touch, we make it clear that their needs are understood emotionally.

"Change is affected, not only through the method, but through the purpose and mission felt by those that conduct it." James Cho
Head of Design, Partner

We're here to transform perception. Change is affected, not only through the method, but through the purpose and mission felt by those that conduct it. We're here to create the elements that evoke change and the lasting impression left behind in every experience.

Helping design the future of Keurig's Commerce Experience

We worked with Keurig's B2C and B2B businesses to design commerce experiences that brought their brand to life in new ways.

Ideating on the Keurig Cafe concept
Variations of commerce headers
Concepting the Away-From-Home Experience Away-From-Home B2B Experience

Redesigning myPanera for 37M members

We worked across an integrated team to design a MyPanera experience that combined a digital-led approach with a tone and brand that feels uniquely Panera.

Redesign the loyalty brand
Setting the illustration style for myPanera Integrating the employee experience
The CE+Co team is excited to be part of the Panera family
Mobile Commerce

Rebranding the commerce experience for New England's most iconic brand

When Dunkin' rebranded in the summer of 2018, we needed to rethink the mobile experience and make sure it created a commerce experience that lifted the new brand.

Ideating on the next generation of loyalty
Rebranding the Dunkin' commerce experience
A closer look at localization
How might we make the loyalty experience feel personal?
Defining a new way of working
Building animated rewards with Lotti
James Cho
Partner, Head of Design
James Cho

Partner Spotlight

We’re only as good as the people that join us. Luckily for us, really good people joined us. James brings us more than great design. His ability to lead with purpose, inspire with energy, and set the benchmark in craft is helping make Carter Edwards & Company the best at what we do.