Launching new ideas in highly regulated environments requires a partner that understands how to design human-centered solutions and navigate regulatory waters. Our experience spans beyond great creative–our expertise in risk management and integrated planning helps us deliver great experiences when they matter most.


Pharma / Digital Excellence

We’re bringing human-centered design to big pharma

Standing up Biogen’s Usability Program

Part playbook and part execution, we helped stand up the usability testing practice for their digital excellence team.

Design the Omnichannel Center of Excellence

We're designing and building Biogen's central AEM repository for organizational learning, partner resources, and omnichannel best practices. Insights-Driven Redesign

We worked across insights and analytics to create a new experience that helped patients better understand their options for Biogen treatment, financial assistance, and support.

Designing the Global Component System

We partnered with Biogen's IT team to create a global design and AEM component system. This helped speed up the build process, apply global best practices, and create a more consistent brand experience.

Defining Biogen's ADA Guidelines

Managing to ADA guidelines is becoming more and more complex. We partnered with Biogen's legal team to document how Biogen will manage compliance.

UX, Design, and Program Management

We worked with Biogen on a multi-year parntnership to help bring UX and best practices deeper inside the organization so we could raise the waters for digital marketing efforts.

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Design and build of Biogen's digital excellence center
Concept exploration for
Designing Biogen's global destination for symposia insights
Publishing digital best practices within Biogen
Better documentation for easier development hand-offs

Our Team


The leaders behind our work in healthcare services

Steffan Antonas

Steffan joined us from State Street Bank where he was VP of Risk Management and Process Design. His experience in complex environments and passion for human-centered thinking is helping us deliver for today’s largest health and finance businesses.

Gabbie Barandiaran

Gabbie is our go-to superstar when it comes to delivery excellence in the healthcare industry. She’s able to pull from her experiences with Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Biogen to manage multiple teams against a single goal.