Panera Bread chose Carter Edwards & Company as a partner to bring their new delivery service to market. So how did we do? Well, we did create a delivery experience that sets the new benchmark for an aggressively innovative fast-casual market. And because we believe great customer experiences start–and end–with great employee experiences, we also introduced operational improvements through technology that simplified the experience for everyone.
Rolling out to
cafes this year

Exceptional Service at Scale

Panera has already set the bar high for what great experiences look like. So when it came to their nationwide delivery rollout, we knew it would be a great challenge.

Live Order Tracking

Together with Bringg delivery technology, we were able to give Panera customers an on-demand view of where their order is, because when you're hungry, every minute counts.

increase in SMS opt-ins

Performance Design

For even the smallest of interactions, we took a fine-tuned view of what it means to engage with customers and apply it to great design that’s accessible to everyone.

Cafe Manager & Driver Experience

We believe that the frontline employee experience is the key to great customer experiences, so we spent time behind the counter and in the passenger seat to help create a holistic service experience.

The Product Experience

The Cafe Manager Experience

With so many new ways to order, cafe managers find themselves overwhelmed with the patchwork systems to manage them. So we integrated several systems into one which helped cafe managers spend less time in front of a computer and more time doing what's important...helping customers.

The Customer Experience

From mobile to desktop to SMS, we designed a customer experience that brings together smart notifications, live tracking and driver communications channels. The result was an increase in engagement through technology that can be delivered at scale.

In-Cafe Working Sessions

How do you get instant real-time feedback on designs? It's inside of the environment you're designing for.

Driver Ride-Alongs

To know what delivery really looks like, we tagged along on delivery routes so we could see the everyday challenges.

How we brought it together for a holistic service experience

From the start we knew that a digital-only approach wouldn’t work. The delivery experience is highly integrated with both the cafe manager role and the delivery driver. This means we needed to make sure that our focus was bringing together customer needs, cafe systems and operations to deliver on a singular Service Experience.

Employee Experience

It's simple really, great employees make great companies...and great companies make great experiences.

Customer Experience

It's more than digital. It's how your customers interact with your company and it's what we do best.

Workplace Systems

We're helping bring the Future of Work by better connecting your employees to the information they need.

Product Experience

Every product deserves to be useful, usable, and desirable right? We think so.