Experience is the Brand

Customer Engagement User Experiences Organizational Readiness

Product Management & Design

Great products are our sweet spot. We apply Design Thinking and Lean principles to create products that make an impact for your users and your business.

  • Product Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • De-risking & Demand Testing
  • Lean Program Management
Design Sprints with CE+CO

Google made Design Sprints popular. We're making them easy.

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Content & Commerce

We work with businesses to understand where your customers are and what they really need so we can deliver on performance-oriented design.

  • Omnichannel Experiences
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Channel Innovation
  • Performance Design
Bai's eCommerce Strategy

Welcome to the Family

When Bai wanted to take control of their customer relationships, they called us in to take a step back and create a commerce experience that brought together their rebellious brand with performance design to create memorable experiences for their customers.

Employer Branding

The race for talent is on! We're helping organizations codify the best they have to offer in ways that drive engagement and loyalty.

  • Brand Strategy Internalized
  • Company Communications
  • Workplace Experience Design
  • Recuiting strategy & content
Consumer Grade is The New Commercial Grade

If there's one thing the race for talent has taught us, it's that we don't stop being people when we come to work. At work we still desire to be part of a culture. We still seek meaning and purpose...

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