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Operational Edgetm from Carter Edwards & Co. was created to help re-define your services and systems with customers at the heart of it all.

As customers are more connected than ever, service delivery networks are becoming more complex. As they become more complex, they become harder to manage and your customers almost always feel the pain. Operational Edge is intended to simplify your entire view, and put the right plan in place to ensure every small step forward is a step towards realizing the vision of a simpler, better business.

Bringing the voice of the customer

We love getting in front of people and identifying insights that can change behavior for the better.

Creating organizational alignment

Getting others from across your organization bought in and inspired is one of our most critical objectives.

The right artifacts to socialize

We'll make sure that we provide you with the right materials needed to bring everyone else along for the ride.


Customer Insights

Whether it's direct observation and research or diving deep on past documentation, Customer Insight is part of everything we do.

Systems Architecture

Our technologists parter with your technologists to co-create a new systems architecture that best supports your service.

Signature Deliverable

The Service Blueprint

The Service Blueprint is our core planning deliverable that simply connects your customer experience, operations and the systems that power it all.

Proof of Concept(s)

Why talk about what's possible when you can show it? Our creative technologists will work to create prototypes and POCs that prove out what was previously unthinkable.

Process & IT Roadmap

Operational Edgetm is geared towards creating a roadmap that your entire organization can rally around and allows you to plan resources over the next few years.