Operational excellence meets design thinking

Customer Engagement User Experiences Organizational Readiness
De-risking and Demand Testing

Through some collective intelligence, client partnership, and a lot of hard work we've gathered some of our favorite risk-reducing activities that can help you optimize for speed and certainty.

Innovation Capability

We're working with Fortune 100 companies to help stand up innovation capabilities that get new products to market quickly and effectively.

  • Job & Organizational Design
  • Lean Program Management
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Design Leadership
  • Design Thinking Training
Scale your speed-to-innovation with Design Systems

Let's face it, making great things is hard and making great things within a large enterprise is even harder. It happens though. Organizations like GE, IBM, AirBNB, Panera, and even Microsoft have managed to scale their ability to create on-the-fly products that can be prototyped, tested, and iterated at a pace that clips their competitors. And there's something they all have in common...

Business Systems Design

We believe that great customer experiences are driven by great organizations so we work hard to simplify business systems with people at the heart of it all.

  • Organizational Design
  • Workplace Innovation
  • Intranets & Comms
  • Content Management & CRMs

Creating better services & systems with Salientico

When Salientico needed to quickly respond to new regulations in the market they needed to change how they did things. That's where we come in. In five days, we were able to understand the challenge quickly, prototype service enhancements and prototype them users.

Operational Transformation

New shoes hurt so we take a human-centered design approach to co-create new ways of working that are simpler, openly adopted, and balance speed with risk.

  • Process Improvement
  • Digital Enablement
  • Behavioral Insights
  • Process Adoption
Design Sprints with CE+CO

Google made Design Sprints popular. We're making them easy.

CE+CO Design Sprints
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Design Sprints with CE+CO