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Consumer Grade is The New Commercial Grade

If there's one thing the race for talent has taught us, it's that we don't stop being people when we come to work. At work we still desire to be part of a culture. We still seek meaning and purpose...

Workplace Systems

Our human-centered design process can improve the usefulness and usability of your company's information systems.

  • User Interface Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Onsite Research
  • Design Systems
Design Sprints with CE+CO

Google made Design Sprints popular. We're making them easy.

CE+CO Design Sprints

Process Improvement

We work with you to establish new processes and help your organization more readily adopt, cultivate, and employ best practices with people at the heart of it all.

  • Process & metric development
  • Organizational transformation
  • Piloting new processes
  • Customer-centered training

Creating better services & systems with Salientico

When Salientico needed to quickly respond to new regulations in the market they needed to change how they did things. That's where we come in. In five days, we were able to understand the challenge quickly, prototype service enhancements and prototype them users.

Employee Experience

We're continuously taking everything we learn from great customer experiences and using that to help organizations create great employee experiences.

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Onboarding Experience
  • Talent Development
  • Benefits Consulting
Scale your speed-to-innovation with Design Systems

Let's face it, making great things is hard and making great things within a large enterprise is even harder. It happens though. Organizations like GE, IBM, AirBNB, Panera, and even Microsoft have managed to scale their ability to create on-the-fly products that can be prototyped, tested, and iterated at a pace that clips their competitors. And there's something they all have in common...

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Design Sprints with CE+CO